Q & A

How to increase revenue? There is no one perfect answer for everyone! Below are some of the most common initial questions people have. Please use the contact form, below, for any additional questions.

Q: How could a small amount of change help me?

A: Research has shown that even something as simple as a natural hedgerow next to your conventionally-grown field can help increase yields and revenue in your crop.

Q: I don’t have time to try anything new!

A: Time is one of the factors we incorporate into any plan. For the plan to be useful, it must be realistic in the real world.

Q: If I grow something unusual, will there be a market for it?

A: Probably! There are ways to introduce new products to consumers, and if even a small number purchase it, you will have a pricing advantage in being the first — or only — supplier.

Q: Is funding available?

A: There might be! The government of Canada is making millions of dollars available for these kinds of projects; another source of possible increased revenue.

Q: What other help is available?

A: Leaf Green Lea Consulting is working on connecting growers and processors in a network of shared help, because every bit of shared work helps! Sometimes a product when grown on one farm is not profitable, but becomes so, with wider availability.

A photo of a woman on a horse, an example of how green agriculture can increase revenue
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