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Eco-Farming: Save the World, Save Your Investments

Individual plans

At Leaf Green Lea Consulting, we want you to succeed! Our green agriculture plans are made for your specific circumstances and requirements, after listening carefully to your needs and resources.

Add a little or a lot

Whether you are an experienced farmer looking to experiment, or a new owner looking to rework the entire property, Leaf Green Lea Consulting can help plan for a greener future. All our plans are geared toward better overall results, for you and for the environment!

Reduce expenses and increase sales

Conventional farming is requiring more inputs and producing less, so this might be the year to try unconventional — yet tested — solutions. Green agriculture takes the best of the future and the past, at your service today!

photo of flowers and leaves making an edible, easy-to-grow and attractive salad
Rainbow over fields, showing hope for the future
Photo of a young sheep; sheep are an important part of a thriving ecosystem

Need help?

Thirty years of experimentation at your service — how can Leaf Green Lea Consulting help you? We are expanding our green agriculture services, so even if you don’t see exactly what you need, but you want to reduce the negative impact on the environment and explore more sources of revenue, please do use the contact form below.

Your experience and future direction are important to us!