Experience in Green Growing

About Leaf Green Lea

Leaf Green Lea has three decades of experience on green growing in Carolinian forests. The company is based on thirty-three acres of experimental land in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Since the property was purchased in 2015, the soil has improved so much that it is now home to many different bird species, including bald eagles. Worm counts have increased from almost none, to plentiful. New plantings now “take”. In many parts of the property, no irrigation is necessary!

Photo of three worms in dirt, showing the experience of Leaf Green Lea

Leaf Green Lea is owned by Leslie Payne-Zimmer. Leslie has been working on natural solutions since 1991, and has experience managing green growing since 1999. As many others have, Leslie began her quest by asking questions about her own health. This led to practical investigations into nutrition. Consequently, her investigations into nutrition led to food quality, which led to soil health, and these all led to a more holistic theory of all these things.

Recently, Leslie spent fourteen years investing in and managing natural health food processing. In addition, Leslie has spent time buying, renovating and selling multi-million dollar properties. Previously, in the early 90’s, Leslie worked in Larry Kudlow’s economic strategy group at Bear Stearns. Leslie holds a BA from Barnard College, Columbia University.

photo of owner of Leaf Green Lea Consulting
We all look forward to meeting you and helping your transition to a greener future!